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The Nursery
Owner Giulio Bertrand imported 2000 olive trees from Italy and established them in a mother block on the farm before propagating them in the Estate's nursery. These were new cultivars developed by Italian Professor Fontanazza following a drastic bout of frost between 1984 and 1985 when over 80% of the olive trees in central Italy died.

In so doing, Professor Fontanazza made the biggest contribution to olive oil production methods in thousands of years. The Morgenster System for olive farming follows his revolutionary methods and olive oil production uses a few key guidelines to increase both quality and quantity:
  • Select the best cultivars from around the world
  • Plant prime cultivars in the optimum soil and climate position
  • Plant the low vigour varieties to increase the number of trees per hectare, and thus yield per hectare
  • Prune in a monocone shape
  • Condition trees to mechanical harvesting and pruning methods
  • Harvest at optimum degree of ripeness
  • Process the olives within two days of harvesting
  • Utilise temperature control methods during olive processing
  • Store olive oil in cold, dark conditions under inert gas to prevent oxidation
Morgenster's nursery grows the most important cultivars for quality oil production as well as for table olive processing. Over almost two decades Bertrand, through his introduction of these Italian cultivars to South Africa, has supplied tens of thousands of different olive tree cultivars to farms throughout South Africa, Namibia and Zimbabwe each year. These cultivars account for about 90% of the cultivars used today in the industry.
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