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Key components of the production of excellent extra virgin olive oil include the cultivar, the soils and aspect, farming practices, in particular irrigation, pruning and harvesting techniques, processing, storage and packaging.

Morgenster extra virgin olive oil and table olives have achieved recognition for their excellence because:
  • The oil is blended from 14 of the best Italian cultivars sourced from the length and breadth of Italy.
  • Morgenster's terroir underpins the quality. Its very rocky soils give low yields and the cold sea breeze slows the ripening process. The rocky soils ensure that the trees have no excess water that will end up in the fruit to wash out the polyphenols (anti-oxidants which are the peppers and bitters) from the oil.
  • Morgenster hand harvest most olives at exactly the correct time so as to get them high in polyphenols and without any damage.
  • Morgenster has a top of the range Pieralisi oil extraction plant big enough to receive and process the olives immediately upon arrival, a maximum of six hours after harvest. The term "Extra Virgin" relates to the level of fatty acids present in the oil and is ultimately determined by the temperature at which the olives are processed. An oil must have an acidity of <0.8% in order to be classified as "Extra Virgin". The Pieralisi press allows Morgenster to control the temperature throughout the extraction process which guarantees that every drop of oil produced at Morgenster is extra virgin with an acidity of <0.3%.
  • The oil goes immediately into cold storage in nitrogen blanketed tanks.
  • The oil is allowed to stand in stainless steel tanks for a period of time to allow the solids to settle out. Then the oil is pumped off the sediment. It is not filtered or fined in any way, ensuring a flavour-filled oil.
  • The solid by-product of the extraction process is used as compost for the olive groves and is not processed again.
  • In the bottling process, nitrogen is added to the bottles before filling and again on top of the oil before capping. Morgenster is the only oil producer in South Africa doing this.
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