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Monte Marcello Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Monte Marcello, depicted on the front label, is owned by Giulio Bertrand, and is built around the tower that dates back to the 12th Century. The home is situated in Liguria, on the border with Tuscany. Ligurian olives are the inspiration for this addition to the range of Morgenster's exceptional extra virgin olive oils. Inspired by a traditional practice of the oil growers of Liguria, Giulio has brought this time-honoured custom to South Africa. The production will always be small and exclusive and only in years when mother nature intervenes as she is wont to do. The Ligurian olives used to make this oil have a strange habit of occasionally maturing much later than normal; around July/August in South Africa. The late ripening of the olives produces a pale gold olive oil with a distinct sweetness and soft velvety mouth feel. The oil reminds Giulio of the olives that surround his home, Monte Marcello, hence it will carry its name proudly and with distinction.

Tasting Notes
NOSE: The first whiff is of fresh very ripe olives. By warming the oil slightly with your hand the secondary aromas of sweet ripe apples and toasted almonds will become more evident.
PALATE: When tasting an olive oil, you should put enough oil in your mouth to roll around your mouth and cover your tongue. To get the most off the palate, suck some air into your mouth to aspirate the oil - this will allow you to notice the flavours of the individual component oils. You will also notice the consistency of the oil. The Monte Marcello Extra Virgin Olive Oil will present you with sweet creamy flavours, toasted almonds and creamed honey. It is a delicate oil that leaves you with a very clean finish. As you swallow the oil you will notice the soft, velvet and creamy feel on the roof of your mouth with hints of vanilla and halva. These distinct soave characteristics are true of the very late harvest olives originating in Liguria.

Pack Sizes
500ml - only 3000 bottles produced

Region & Altitude
Somerset West
200m - 235m

Ligurian cultivars

Production Method
Continuous extraction using a state of the art Pieralisi press. 

Acidity <0.8%

Serving Suggestions
This is a delicate oil; perfect to combine with delicately flavoured ingredients; think butter lettuce as opposed to rocket. Ice-cream made with this olive oil will produce spectacular results. Drizzle it over your favourite fish, preferably grilled and delicately spiced, trickle generously over freshly picked, warm, ripe tomatoes and of course it is perfect with your favourite Italian crusty bread. Mmmmmmm! Kosher Certified. Pour it, don't store it!

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