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Black Olives (Kalamata)

Morgenster olives are cured with natural fermentation process; leaving a crisp olive full of natural flavours; this process demands patience as it takes 12 to 14 months to cure an olive in this way - but patience always provides rewards. The Kalamata olive, a Greek cultivar, is almond shaped with a distinct up-turned point on the drupe and pip. This olive is probably the most well known of all Table olives. Picked fully ripe at a black colour stage, it produces and plump a juicy olive.

Tasting Notes
The Kalamata is the most popular table olive with a rich, fruity and intense olive flavour. 

Pack Sizes
290g and 3kg

Region & Altitude
Somerset West
50m - 235m

Kalamata olives, a Greek variety regarded as the best table olive in the world. 

Production Method
Natural fermentation in brine for 12 to 14 months. 

Serving Suggestions
On their own as a snack, mixed with sliced onions, halved Roma tomatoes and feta cheese to make a Greek salad and drizzled with Morgenster Extra Virgin Olive oil, pitted and mixed into bread dough to make an olive loaf, added to tomato based chicken casseroles for added flavour, as an additional topping on your pizza, added to your favourite pasta sauce or as an extra dimension to potato salad. Kosher certified.

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