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Black Olive Paste

Morgenster's Black Olive paste is made by grinding cured, stoned olives to a smooth paste. Sometimes confused with tapenade, this olive paste is made with the addition of a little sea salt and some Morgenster Extra Virgin Olive oil. It can easily be converted into a traditional tapenade with the addition of chopped anchovy and garlic – or make your very own version of tapenade by adding one or two of your favourite ingredients - try roasted bell peppers, finely chopped lemon zest, chilli, or chopped flat leaf parsley.

Tasting Notes
Unmistakably olive and yet often enjoyed by people who don't eat olives. Black Olive paste has a higher oil content than its Green counterpart, caused by the riper olives. The piquant flavours can be used to enhance the taste of other ingredients like cheese, cold meats and vegetables.

Pack Sizes
130g and 750g

Region & Altitude
Somerset West
50m - 235m

A variety of black olives are used to make Morgenster Black Olive Paste. 

Production Method
Cured olives are de-pipped and ground to form a smooth paste which is moistened with the addition of Morgenster Extra Virgin olive oil and seasoned with a touch of Sea Salt.

Serving Suggestions
This is a wonderfully versatile product; use a teaspoon full to enhance your favourite salad dressing, stir into tuna or chicken mayonnaise, spread on toasted bruschetta and top with cold meats or cheese, stir into steaming hot pasta for a quick meal or add to pasta salad, spread onto a pizza base with or instead of the tomato topping, Black paste also makes a good substitute for mint sauce with roast lamb. Kosher certified.

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