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Cavatelli pasta with a broccoli velvet sauce and oregano flowers

Giorgio Nava, Italian chef and owner of 95 Keerom, Carne SA, Caffe Milano and Mozzarella Bar in Cape Town, is a great fan of Morgenster Extra Virgin Olive Oil. He is the first of 11 chefs that Judi has asked to share a recipe using it. Here is his recipe for Cavatelli pasta with a broccoli velvet sauce and oregano flowers. It is the recipe which won him the World Pasta Championship in Parma, Italy in June 2013.  


• 320g of cavatelli barilla or short pasta
• 1 head of Broccoli with leaves
• 2 cloves of garlic
• 6 anchovies
• 4 slices of old bread
• 100 ml Morgenster extra virgin olive oil
• 4/5 dry tomatoes
• Fresh oregano flowers
• Salt and pepper


Boil the broccoli and leaves in salted water, when soft place them in salted ice water to stop it from cooking and to maintain a beautiful green colour.

Heat oil in a frying pan with one sliced garlic clove and 4 anchovies - stir until melted.

Remove the garlic and add the bread cut into cubes - fry until crispy.

Blend the broccoli head with 2 anchovies, olive oil, salt and pepper until soft and creamy – add broccoli cooking water if necessary. Place this cream in the frying pan with the bread.

Cook the pasta in the broccoli cooking water until al DENTE - drain the pasta and mix gently with the broccoli cream for one minute.

Place the broccoli leaves in a pasta bowl first and then add the pasta – top this with thinly sliced dry tomatoes, bread cubes and oregano flowers before serving.

Serves 4

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