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Spaghetti with a fresh tomato sauce
• 6 whole fresh tomatoes (10 if they are small) 
• ½alime,pipsremoved 
• 1-2 cloves garlic
• ½ a chilli, seeds removed 
• Juice of half or if preferred, one lemon
• 50ml olive oil or a little more
• Basil, as much as you like 
• Oregano to taste 
• Black pepper
• Salt 

• 500g spaghetti 

• 60 - 100g Rocket, watercress and baby spinach salad 
• 30g Parmesan grated
• Olive oil and lemon to dress leaves 

Combine all the sauce ingredients in a blender. Blend and adjust seasoning.
Cook pasta, do not refresh in water, but pour sauce over immediately. The warm pasta will temper the sauce to perfection.
Dress washed salad leaves with grated parmesan, salt, olive oil and a squeeze of lemon. Combine with pasta, serve and eat immediately. Grate over extra black pepper if needed.
For a difference, use tortellini or ravioli.
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