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Kingklip and Prawn Ceviche served with an avocado, coriander and orange salad

By Peter Ayub, chef of Sense of Taste
Serves 8: Makes 1 large platter or 8 starter portions


• Fresh kingklip fillets 4
• Prawns 24
• Oranges, juice and zest 4 
• Limes, juice and zest 6
• Chilli, fresh 5ml
• Morgenster extra virgin olive oil 60ml
• Coriander, fresh handful

• Avocado 2
• Coriander, fresh extra handful
• Micro greens for garnish
• Sea salt and black pepper

• 60 ml Reserved marinade
• 180 ml Morgenster extra virgin lemon enhanced olive oil
• 15 ml Honey 
• 5 ml Dijon mustard 
• Seasoning


Make the marinade: grate the zest off 2 of the oranges and 2 of the Limes. Place into a large bowl.
Now using a sharp paring knife, remove the remaining skin/peel off all 4 of the oranges. Carefully remove the orange segments and set to one side. This is for the salad. Catch all the juice while you are segmenting and place into the bowl with the zest.
Squeeze the juice from all the limes and add it, along with the finely chopped red chilli, chopped coriander, olive oil, sea salt and black pepper, to your bowl. Give it a stir and then divide equally between 2 shallow marinating dishes.
Slice the kingklip into thin slivers and add it to one of the marinades, ensuring the fish is covered well in marinating liquid. 
Clean and peel the prawns (remove the head). Add to the other marinating dish, ensuring the shellfish is covered well in marinating liquid.
Cover each with cling film and chill for about 2-3 hours or until ‘cooked’.

To assemble and serve:
Peel and cube the avocado. Dress with a little lemon or lime juice.
Drain the kingklip and prawns from the marinade and arrange on a plate or platter.
Arrange the avocado and orange segments into a salad over the kingklip. Garnish with micro greens and coriander and dress with the salad dressing.

Place some of the reserved marinade into a jug and add a teaspoon of mustard and a tablespoon of honey.
Using a hand-blender, blitz the liquid to blend. Slowly add the Morgenster lemon enhanced extra virgin olive oil in a thin stream until the mixture has thickened into an emulsion.
Season to taste and dress the salad. 

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