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Olive Cellar
The early renewal of South African olive oil production
Until 1994 South Africa had 1000 hectares of olive trees, 100 being used for oil production mainly of the Mission variety, and 900 for table olives featuring predominantly Kalamata, Manzanilla and Mission varieties. read more »
About the Olive Cellar
Morgenster has 50 ha of olive groves where a variety of cultivars are grown for the production of extra virgin olive oil and table olives. These are processed in the historic building which was once the Estate's wine cellar. read more »
Key components of the production of excellent extra virgin olive oil include the cultivar, the soils and aspect, farming practices, in particular irrigation, pruning and harvesting techniques, processing, storage and packaging. read more »
The majority of the olives on the farm are hand-picked, while some of the olives used for oil production are picked with a mechanical shaker. The perfect time for harvesting is when 50% of the olives on the tree are half ripe, 25% green and 25% black. This ratio creates the intense fruity, peppery flavour particular to Morgenster Olive Oil. read more »
An integral part of the Morgenster system involves the inclusion of mechanical pruning to aid both quality production and increased return on investment. read more »
After harvesting the olives enter the olive oil extraction process. read more »
Blending and Packaging
Blending, as with wine, is a vital component of the process of producing the finest olive oils. read more »
Pieralisi Extraction Equipment
Pieralisi currently supplies 70% of the world's extraction plants. read more »
About Extra Virgin Olive Oil
A good quality Extra Virgin Olive oil will smell like freshly mowed lawn, artichokes, green herbs or green apples. The taste will be crisp and fresh.In poor quality oil you will pick up smells of ripe bananas, other overripe fruit, cheese or wine. Don't even taste it! read more »
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