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Morgenster Caruso 2016
Technical Analysis
: Henry Kotzé
Main Variety : Sangiovese
Alcohol : 12.5 %vol
pH : 3.4
RS : 1.7 g/l
Total Acid : 4.9 g/l
Volatile Acidity : 0.20 g/l
Appellation : Stellenbosch
Type : Rose
Style : Dry
Body : Medium
Taste : Herbaceous

Tasting Notes
Colour: Bright light pomegranate.
Nose: An introduction of sweet guava, red cherries, candy floss and hints of ripe tomato and savoury herbaceousness.
Palate: Balance is the name of this Italian masterpiece and Caruso does its namesake proud. Rich and elegant, it has a soft, velvety feel but with enough focus and length. There is a wonder full freshness of berries and cranberry type tanginess which leaves you anticipating the next blissful sip.
Blend Information
Food Suggestions
This Sangiovese Rosé pairs well with many dishes, especially rich ones like grilled duck breast served with Caprese salad. A great accompaniment to desserts like strawberries and cream as well.
In The Vineyard

2016 started as an early harvest in the driest vintage in recorded history. Record breaking heat in December and January suddenly gave way to lower temperatures in February and March which lengthened the ripening period of later cultivars. Another great vintage!

Vineyard: Stellenbosch
Region: Helderberg Ward

About The Harvest
As in previous years, winemaker Henry Kotzé harvested in three parts- in early, mid and late season - to get the different fruit expressions which sangiovese presents at different ripening levels.
In The Cellar
The bunches were whole bunch pressed to lessen extraction of colour and tannins and to ensure cleaner fruit expression. Fermentation was done in stainless steel tanks and it was bottled on 6 April 2016.
Additional Information
Sangiovese flourishes in Giulio Bertrand’s treasured 1.8 hectares on Morgenster where it is the foundation for Tosca (Sangiovese, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon) and the sole cultivar in Caruso, his complex and luscious Rosé. Caruso is one of Bertrand’s three Italian Collection wines, two of which are named after favourite operas, Nabucco and Tosca, and this “little brother of Tosca” named after Enrico Caruso, the tenor whose voice was celebrated for its richness of tone.

Caruso 2016 is the eighth vintage of this popular wine, which Bertrand says reminds him of “the taste of summer”. Easy drinking, it adds pleasure to a variety of occasions and foods.

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