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Nu Series 1 (archived)
Morgenster Nu Series 1 Merlot 2012
Colour: Deep ruby purple, great depth of colour.
Nose: Merlot needs no introduction! It abounds with lush berry, cherry and toffee flavours. Very inviting, this wine urges you to take the first sip.
Palate: This wine is sumptuously smooth, with just enough fine tannin to broaden the palate weight and add an extra dimension to a very fruit driven experience.

Alc: 13.5  RS: 1.74  pH: 3.6  TA: 5.25  VA:  SO2:  FSO2:
Morgenster Nu Series 1 Sangiovese 2014
Colour: Vibrant, youthful, ruby red.
Nose: Sangiovese is a very attractive cultivar. Powerful cherry and raspberry flavours abound, wrapped in coffee, almond and vanilla undertones. Also prevalent are the more subtle notes of briar and acacia flower perfume.
Palate: Made to entice, this palate does not disappoint, offering a fruit sweetness with an appealing, lingering freshness of cherry and some dark prune. The tannins are well managed and soft, and a very more-ish acidity holds the interest.

Alc: 12.00  RS: 3.09  pH: 3.66  TA: 5.29  VA: 0.65  SO2:  FSO2:
Morgenster Nu Series 1 Sauvignon Blanc 2014
Nose: Typically Sauvignon Blanc but with a more diverse aroma profile from being picked a bit riper. It displays bananas, guava, ripe melon and litchi characteristics.
Palate: Fully balanced with enticing acidity to hold interest. It also offers up a beautiful, sweet concentration of fruit with herbaceous notes for added complexity.

Alc: 13.5  RS: 1.58  pH: 3.36  TA: 5.49  VA: 0.29  SO2:  FSO2:
Morgenster Nu Series 1 Sauvignon Blanc 2015
Nose: Typically Sauvignon Blanc with a more diverse aroma profile from being picked a bit riper. It displays papaya, rock melon jasmine flower, elder flower and mango fruit notes.
Palate: A full, voluptuous wine displaying great and volume without an overtly up front acidity. The soft lingering acidity gives way to a beautiful sweet concentration of fruit on the palate. Some herbaceous austerity adds to its interest.

Alc: 13.5  RS: 1.13  pH: 3.29  TA: 5.29  VA: 0.29  SO2:  FSO2:

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